Experts from Dicot Pharma's clinical study behind submitted abstract

The statistical analysis of Dicot Pharma's phase 1 data is now completed, reinforcing and deepening the results the company communicated in April after the end of the study. The results of the analysis will be published in an abstract submitted to North America's largest conference in the field and featuring some of the most prominent names within sexual medicine as co-authors.

Dicot Pharma's statistical analysis of the Phase 1 study is completed. The analysis reinforces and deepens the results that were communicated instantly after the end of the study in April, such as the very good safety profile with only mild and transient side effects and the fact that LIB-01 was well-absorbed in the body. An early efficacy signal was captured, and among the men who experienced an improvement in erectile function, the majority reported a long-lasting effect that remained at the end of the study, i.e. four weeks after the 3-day treatment.

Upon completion of the analysis, it was decided to publish the results in an abstract now submitted to North America's largest conference in sexual medicine taking place in October and is organized by the Sexual Medicine Society North America. In addition to Dicot Pharma's CSO Charlotta Gauffin, four established experts, all of whom actively contributed to the study results, are authors of the abstract.

Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan, former Professor of Urology at the University of Southern California and lead study physician for Viagra and Cialis, is one author and will in addition present the results. The other authors are Professor Ray Rosen, inventor of the IIEF questionnaire, which is the globally used method to measure the effect of erection drugs, Professor Christopher Forest at the Dominican University of California and Dr. Mats Holmberg, chief physician at ANOVA at Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet and chairman of the Nordic Society of Sexual Medicine.

"The fact that these esteemed experts are actively involved in our studies and co-authors the submitted abstract is a powerful testimony to the remarkable innovation we have", says Elin Trampe, CEO of Dicot Pharma.

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Dicot Pharma is developing the drug candidate LIB-01, which will be a potency agent to better treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The ambition is to create a drug with significantly longer effect and far fewer side effects, compared to current available drugs. Today, over 500 million men suffer from these sexual dysfunctions and the market is valued at USD 8 billion. Dicot's strategy is to develop LIB-01 under own auspices until phase 2a study and thereafter in partnership with larger, established pharmaceutical companies, finance and develop LIB-01 further to a registered pharmaceutical on the world market.

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