Year End Report 2021

October 1 - December 31, 2021

· Net sales SEK 45,462

· Operation profit SEK -5,503,595

· Profit after financial items SEK -5,490,108

· Earnings per share SEK -0,21

January 1 - December 31, 2021

· Net sales SEK 263,040

· Operation profit SEK -14,907,945

· Profit after financial items SEK -14,841,085

· Earnings per share SEK -0,58

· Cash and cash equivalents 2021-12-31 SEK 8,782,891

Number of shares

Per 2021-12-31, 25 558 597 shares

Proposed dividend

The Board proposes that no dividend be paid for the 2021 financial year.

Upcoming reports

Interim report Q1 2022 2022-05-27

Interim report Q2 2022 2022-08-26

Interim report Q3 2022 2022-11-25

Annual general meeting

The annual general meeting is scheduled for April 18, 2022at the company's premises at Olofsdalsvägen 40 in Halmstad, Sweden.

The annual report is planned to be available on the Company's website on April 11, 2022.

Significant events during the report period (2021-01-01 - 2021-12-31)

· Agreement with Careteq, Australia

· Million orders from Australia

· Gets MDR for Eazense of Läkemedelsverket, Sweden

· Granted patent for USA

· Signs agreement with ZleepZafe, GMBH receives orders of approximately SEK 4.4 million

· Order from Malmö municipality

Significant events after the end of reporting period

· Appoionts new CEO

· Restructing of business

Comments from CEO

New winds are blowing

As we have previously communicated, the focus in 2021 was sales to municipalities largely with the help of sales consultants, and the outcome in the form of orders and revenues has not been what was expected.

We are therefore changing our sales strategy towards municipalities in Sweden to partners where we already have a number of agreements in place. This frees up resources for an increase in sales efforts to partners both nationally and internationally.

Our sensor EaZense is today certified for the EU and covers the most important areas for digital supervision: case and presence detection. Our partner in Australia, Careteq, has around a hundred sensors in operation. They are now in the starting blocks for a stronger investment together with Raytelligence also in the USA. In Europe, a number of agreements have been concluded and negotiations are underway with some major players, where we are now in the final stages.

The automation that is constantly ongoing in the manufacturing industry has the consequence that planned maintenance of the machinery is of utmost importance for profitability and delivery capacity. To be able to do this, sensor systems are required that can measure the condition of the machines. With our radar technology developed for the healthcare field, we can offer a set of unique sensors for non-contact measurement to the manufacturing industry. We already have a certified sensor for measurement in e.g. packaging industry, this sensor will now be launched.

The sales cycles in the health area are long, which has resulted in us also investing in industrial applications. The development work that has been carried out and led to the EaZense system can also be applied to industrial applications.

With this strategy together with the fact that we reduce sales costs, we achieve positive cash flow much faster.

A very exciting development is that we have a dialogue with a European company about acquiring the rights to hardware solutions that would place us in a completely new position in the market. The consequence of this would be new functionality, high gross margins and safer deliveries in a time of component shortages.

The goal of selling 10,000 sensors by 2022 remains, deliveries are currently uncertain due to prevailing component deficiency.

The agreement with ZleepZafe GMBH has been terminated due to the other party not fulfilling the conditions

The parallel listing in Stuttgart ends on March 8, the decision was made due to small trading in the share.

I look forward to an exciting 2022 with a focus on revenue. Pelle Viberg, CEO

Questions are referred to:

Peter Martinson, CFO

[email protected]

+46 70 814 64 65

Raytelligence AB (publ)

Olofsdalsvägen 40

302 41 Halmstad


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About Raytelligence AB (publ)

Raytelligence is a Swedish innovation company, based in Halmstad that offers products for monitoring vital parameters, ie breathing, heart rate and movement patterns, based on the company's own 60 GHz radar technology.

Om Raytelligence

Raytelligence är ett svenskt innovationsbolag, baserat i Halmstad som erbjuder produkter för övervakning av vitalparametrar, det vill säga andning, hjärtfrekvens och rörelsemönster, baserat på bolagets egen 60 GHz radarteknologi.



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