Valtes and Raytelligence partner to develop an assisted living system for informal caregivers in Europe

Assen, Netherlands - Valtes, a Dutch caretech company, and Raytelligence, a Swedish listed technological innovation company, are proud to announce a strategic partnership to develop an assisted living system focused on informal caregivers in Europe. The collaboration aims to integrate Raytelligence's Eazense radar technology for fall detection and localization with Valtes' artificial intelligence system to provide peace of mind for informal caregivers.


The healthcare system in the entire EU is under pressure due to the aging population, resulting in a shift to informal care. In the Netherlands alone, an estimated 5 million informal caregivers are providing care alongside their regular jobs. This added responsibility can lead to burnout, intensifying pressure on the healthcare system and the economy.


Valtes has developed a product called Valtes Homecare, which aims to support informal caregivers in various ways, with a particular focus on detecting falls. However, since the detection technology is installed in private homes, privacy is a significant concern. The use of a camera in a living room or bathroom is out of the question.


To address this, Raytelligence's Eazense radar technology offers a perfect market fit, able to detect falls and localize individuals in a room without infringing on privacy. The Dutch provincial government of Drenthe is backing a set of twenty pilots in private homes, supporting the Valtes Homecare solution. Valtes is incorporating the Raytelligence radar technology as the primary sensor for the Valtes Homecare solution.


"Valtes is excited to partner with Raytelligence to develop an assisted living system that will enhance the confidence of informal caregivers and bolster the security of their loved ones. As informal caregiving becomes more prevalent, it is vital to have technology that supports caregivers and ensures their peace of mind." said John Beuving, CTO of Valtes.


Per-Arne Viberg, CEO of Raytelligence, stated, "We are proud to partner with Valtes in developing a product that will support informal caregivers in Europe. Our Eazense radar technology has been designed to be non-intrusive, ensuring privacy while providing valuable assistance to caregivers."


Over the next few years, Valtes plans to integrate Raytelligence's radar technology as the standard sensor for fall detection and localization in private homes. The collaboration between Valtes and Raytelligence has significant potential to improve the lives of informal caregivers and their loved ones across Europe.

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