Raytelligence - Updating the features of EaZense

The EaZense sensor system is a platform that is constantly being developed based on the needs reported by customers worldwide. As this happens on an ongoing basis, we give an idea of the functions that the system now has.

· Fall detection with alarm

When a person falls into their room, the staff receives a notification from the system.

· Detection of the number of people in a room.

EaZense can keep track of the number of people in a room and if someone comes or leaves the room. Up to 5 people can be detected

· Logging

All data detected by the system can be logged for later analysis. This is of special value we e.g., change of medication as data can be analyzed afterwards to detect changes in behavioral patterns.

· Detection of activity level of the user

The activity level is continuously detected by the user. When a certain level is exceeded, an event is generated which is sent to staff.

· Detection of too low activity level with high sensitivity.

In some applications it is very important to detect if the activity level in a room is too low. This is applicable in the penitentiary and forensic psychiatry for suicide prevention.

· Interface with other systems

EaZense offers the user the services above in a cloud-based web-based interface. If the customer has their own system, EaZense offers an API for smoothly transferring data to and from connected systems.

· Off-line

Some users such as the prison service require that the system is not connected to the internet. Raytelligence has therefore developed a solution where the system's services can be offered with a connection to a local server.

· PoE

For maximum security and reliability, the sensors in EaZense are connected via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

"EaZense is constantly evolving and we already have unique features that we have developed together with our customers. Offering this platform strategy makes the company unique and future-proof, which is now shown by the fact that many customers are interested." says Klas Arvidson, CEO Raytelligence

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About Raytelligence AB (publ)

Raytelligence is a Swedish innovation company, based in Halmstad that offers products for monitoring vital parameters, i.e., breathing, heart rate and movement patterns, based on the company's own 60 GHz radar technology.

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Om Raytelligence

Raytelligence är ett svenskt innovationsbolag, baserat i Halmstad som erbjuder produkter för övervakning av vitalparametrar, det vill säga andning, hjärtfrekvens och rörelsemönster, baserat på bolagets egen 60 GHz radarteknologi.



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