Invitation to extraordinary general meeting of the shareholders in Vilhelmina Mineral AB (publ)

The shareholders of Vilhelmina Mineral AB (publ), reg. no. 556832-3876, (hereinafter the "Company") are hereby invited to the extraordinary general meeting to be held on 2 August 2018 at 3:00 p.m. in Hamilton Lawfirms's facilities at Hamngatan 27 in Stockholm.

Right to attend and notice of attendance

Shareholders who wish to attend the general meeting shall

  • be entered into the transcription of the share register kept by Swedish central securities depository (Euroclear Sweden AB) as of 27 July 2018; and
  • give notice hereof with name, personal/registration number, number of shares held, telephone number and, if applicable, the name of accompanying advisors (maximum of two) or proxy to by e-mail to [email protected] , no later than 30 July 2018 4:00 p.m.

Shareholding in the name of a nominee

Shareholders, whose shares are registered in the name of a nominee, must request to be temporarily entered into the share register as of 27 July 2018, in order to be entitled to participate in the Meeting. Such a shareholder is requested to inform the nominee to that effect well before that day.

Representation by proxy

A shareholder's rights at the meeting may be exercised by a proxy empowered by a power of attorney. The power of attorney shall be in writing, dated and signed and must not be older than twelve months, unless a longer term of validity is set out in the power of attorney (however, not longer than five years). The original power of attorney must be presented at the general meeting. Those representing a legal person must also present a certificate of registration or the similar showing the authorized signatories. Power of attorney forms are available at the Company's website

Proposed agenda

  1. Opening of the meeting and election of chairman
  2. Drawing up and approval of the voting list
  3. Election of one person to adjust the minutes
  4. Resolution regarding whether the meeting has been duly convened
  5. Approval of the agenda
  6. Resolution regarding issuance of warrants
  7. Resolution regarding distribution of dividends
  8. Closing of the meeting


Resolution regarding issuance of warrants

The board proposes that the general meeting resolves to issue warrants to key individuals in the Company in accordance with proposed terms and conditions available on Company's website. For resolution in accordance with the abovementioned, it is required that the meeting's decision is supported by at least nine tenths of the votes cast and the shares represented at the meeting.

Resolution regarding distribution of dividends

Shareholders representing at least 53 per cent of the shares in the Company proposes that the general meeting resolves to distribute a dividend consisting of SEK 0.01 for each share owned in the Company. The dividend shall consist of shares in the newly registered wholly owned subsidiary NewCo 5001 Sweden AB (under change of name to Upgrade Mineral AB), org. no 559165-0642 (the "Subsidiary"), where one share in the Company entitles to one share in the Subsidiary. It is further proposed that the board of directors are authorised to determine the record date. The purpose of the distribution of dividend is to create value for the shareholders in the Company, as the Subsidiary in a later stage may be used to acquire interesting developing projects within bullion and other minerals.


Provisioning of documents etc.

The board of director's proposal regarding issuing of warrants, the board of directors' proposal regarding distribution of dividends and documents pursuant to Chapter 14, Section 8 and Chapter 18, Section 4 and 6 of the Companies Act are available in the Company's offices and at the Company's website, Copies of the aforementioned documents will also be sent by mail to shareholders who so request and provide their postal addresses. 

Shareholders' right to ask for information

Shareholders of the Company are, where the board of directors believes that it that it may take place without significant harm to the Company, at the extraordinary general meeting entitled to receive information in respect of any circumstances which may affect the assessment of a matter on the agenda (i.e. the right to request information pursuant to Chapter 7, Sections 32 and 57 of the Swedish Companies Act).

Stockholm July 19, 2018

Vilhelmina Mineral AB (publ)
The board of directors

For additional information please contact:
Peter Hjorth, CEO), Vilhelmina Mineral, tel. +46-725 38 25 25

Vilhelmina Mineral is a Swedish junior resource company with focus on copper and zinc projects in the Nordic countries. In Sweden the company owns the Stekenjokk project in which approximately 7 million tons were produced between 1976 and 1988. According to estimates there are remaining indicated mineral resources of 7.4 million tons with grades of 1.17% Cu, 3.01% Zn and 47 g/ton Ag (cut-off 0.9% Cu). In Norway, Vilhelmina Mineral is co-owner in the Joma field in which some 11.5 million tons were previously produced between 1972 and 1998 with average grades of 1.5% Cu and 1.5% Zn. The Joma field (excluding Gjersvik) is estimated to hold approximately 5.7 million tons with grades of 1.55% Cu and 0.82% Zn (cut-off 0.8% Cu).

Om Vilhelmina Mineral

Vilhelmina Mineral är ett bolag verksamt inom prospektering och gruvutveckling i Norden inom basmetaller, främst koppar och zink. Bolaget fokuserar i nuläget på det svenska projektet Stekenjokk och Levi samt det norska projektet Jomafältet.



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