Financial Report First Quarter 2019

First Quarter 2019 (January - March)

  • Exploration and evaluation costs for first quarter amounts to MSEK 2.1 (1.0)
  • After-tax profit for first quarter amounts to MSEK-2.2 (-1.0)
  • Profit per share for first quarter amounts to SEK -0.13 (-0.10)

Significant events in the reporting period

  • Plan program for Norwegian subsidiary has been approved by municipality of Røyrvik
  • Board member Scott Moore has been appointed chairman of the board
  • Permitting work for Stekenjokk and Joma continued
  • Swedbank Norway has been appointed financial advisor
  • Shares in subsidiary Upgrade Mineral Nordic AB has been spun out to shareholders via dividend in kind

Significant events after the reporting period

  • Permitting work for Stekenjokk and Joma has continued. The new round of hearing is expected to last during spring 2019
  • The annual general meeting has approved new articles of association and authorized the board to issue new shares or other financial instruments

Financial reporting calendar

  • Financial report for the period April - June will be published on August 9, 2019
  • Financial report for the period July - September will be published on November 8, 2019

For the full report, see attached document.

This information is such as Vilhelmina Mineral AB (publ) is obliged to disclose under the EU Market Abuse Regulation and the Securities Market Act. The information was provided, by the responsible contact person below, for publication on May 14, 2019 at. 11.45. This interim report has not been audited by the Company's auditor.

Stockholm May 14, 2019

For additional information please contact:

Peter Hjorth, VD, Vilhelmina Mineral AB (publ)
Email: [email protected] 

Vilhelmina Mineral är ett gruvutvecklingsbolag med fokus på utveckling av koppar- och zinkfyndigheter i Norden. I Sverige innehar bolaget Stekenjokk där mellan 1976 till 1988 bröt sammanlagt ca 7 miljoner ton malm. Enligt tidigare beräkning finns kvarvarande indikerad mineraltillgång om ca 7,4 miljoner ton med halter om 1,17% koppar, 3.01% zink och 47 g/ton Ag (vid cut-off halt 0,9% Cu). I Norge är bolaget delägare i Jomafältet där mellan 1972 till 1998 producerades ca 11,5 miljoner ton malm med en genomsnittlig halt av 1.5% koppar och 1.5% zink. Jomafältet (exklusive Gjersvik) uppskattas innehålla ytterligare indikerad mineraltillgång om ca 5,7 miljoner ton med halter 1,55% koppar och 0,82% zink (vid cut-off halt 0,8% Cu).

Om Vilhelmina Mineral

Vilhelmina Mineral är ett bolag verksamt inom prospektering och gruvutveckling i Norden inom basmetaller, främst koppar och zink. Bolaget fokuserar i nuläget på det svenska projektet Stekenjokk och Levi samt det norska projektet Jomafältet.



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