Unibap AB and Loft Orbital Technologies SAS to perform processing of payload data on-orbit

Unibap AB (publ) will deliver SpaceCloud iX5 solution to Loft Orbital Technologies SAS in France to demonstrate payload data processing capabilities during the YAM-5 mission set for launch in June of 2022. The companies are initiating a longer-term relation to provide intelligent processing on-orbit.

The agreement comes after the successful demonstration of SpaceCloud during 2021 and will open collaboration between the two companies to fully integrate and utilize the full SpaceCloud solution as a payload data processing solution for the YAM-5 mission. In the frame of Loft Orbital's YAM-5 mission, Unibap's SpaceCloud and Eco-System will be used to demonstrate and further evaluate end-to-end software payload solutions as part of the payload data processing chain. This is part of a longer-term collaboration between the two companies to integrate SpaceCloud as part of Loft's Payload Hub concept.

- The YAM5 mission - like most Loft Orbital missions - includes a number of different optical and RF payloads. As part of our business model, the concept of Software Defined Payloads as already demonstrated by our earlier missions plays an important role. Loft Orbital is rapidly advancing its on-orbit processing capability by leveraging a number of different technologies and combining these into a hybrid, distributed payload computing and processing platform. We are excited to perform our first flight demonstration with SpaceCloud and work with Unibap on further integration into our overall Payload Hub and massless payload solutions, says Pieter van Duijn, CTO at Loft Orbital

- This is a fantastic example of the strength of the SpaceCloud business Eco-System and how it can be applied to perform advanced data processing on-orbit. We are happy to provide our SpaceCloud solution and to be working with Loft Orbital on the mission and looking forward to breaking new barriers together for on-orbit processing and data distribution, says Anders Blomberg, CEO at Unibap

SpaceCloud provided by Unibap is developed to bring the modular processing solutions of tomorrow using state-of-the-art cloud technology providing a heterogeneous compute solution through a uniform interface to users. SpaceCloud allows for dynamic and flexible processing to be done on-orbit leveraging existing software to be used in combination with new developments requiring minimum entry level for user and programmers on ground.

Loft Orbital makes it simple to rapidly deploy payloads and software in space. The company operates satellites and flies customer payloads as a service, handling the entire mission on behalf of its customers. Loft has developed hardware and software technologies that enable it to fly any type of payload on a standard satellite bus. Loft recently launched its first two YAM satellites, and has a full manifest of upcoming launches, including full constellation deployments for its customers.

Uppsala November 16, 2021

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Anders Blomberg

CEO [email protected]

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