Unibap successfully demonstrates the L3Harris Geospatial ENVI/IDL professional software on SpaceCloud in collaboration with SaraniaSat

Unibap AB (publ) and SaraniaSat Inc have implemented the L3Harris Geospatial ENVI/IDL software suite and successfully demonstrated complex image processing tasks on SpaceCloud. This means that SpaceCloud customers can now harness ENVI's Deep Learning capabilities for high-performance, on-orbit computations at the Edge on all types of geospatial imagery and data such as Hyperspectral, Multispectral, Thermal, LiDAR, and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). ENVI/IDL performance validation was conducted in October 2020 on both of Unibap's existing iX5 product family as well as the next generation iX10 family. The ground-based validation of ENVI on SpaceCloud was conducted by detecting objects of interest within commercially available, multi-spectral satellite imagery.

Adding ENVI/IDL/ENVI Deep Learning Modules to SpaceCloud enables rapid Application development and porting of existing algorithms and implementations to be deployed in space. SpaceCloud customers who choose to include ENVI can use ENVI Modules quickly and easily to perform highly specialized tasks. For the first time, tasks requiring advanced image analysis tools can be performed onboard satellites at the point of data acquisition. Thus, latencies involving having to downlink the raw sensor information to the ground are eliminated.

Given the very encouraging demonstration results, Unibap and SaraniaSat will continue to pursue commercial business and spaceflight demonstrations together.

"It is great to see how quickly we were able together to demonstrate such an industry leading software as ENVI onboard SpaceCloud. This exciting new capability dramatically increases the value of the SpaceCloud ecosystem, allowing our customers to reduce latency for transmitting actionable information derived from raw satellite sensor data" says Dr. Fredrik Bruhn, Unibap CEO.

"SaraniaSat has been a pioneer in high-performance onboard computing, having won a large NASA mission as well as US Defense Department projects. We are very excited by the joint new capability demonstration that has opened the doors to applications in multiple commercial and government verticals", says Dr. Tom George, SaraniaSat CEO.

In this "Big Data" age that we all live in, sophisticated Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning algorithms are required to rapidly extract actionable information for business decision makers. For the first time, Unibap AB and its partner SaraniaSat Inc have succeeded in demonstrating High Performance Edge Computing of satellite imagery for their customers. This new capability of operating L3Harris' ENVI application on Unibap's SpaceCloud opens up exciting new markets in multiple business verticals by drastically reducing the time-to-delivery of actionable information to our customers.

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Unibap is a high-tech company that aims to automate and streamline industries on earth as well as in space. With smart solutions based on AI and robotics, we want to increase quality and productivity for our customers while eliminating dangerous tasks that today are performed manually. Unibap strives to have a positive impact on both society and the environment. The company's Quality Management System is certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2015. The company is listed at Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

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About SaraniaSat

SaraniaSat is a US-incorporated small business aimed at developing advanced, high-performance computing solutions at the Edge. These solutions are aimed at providing actionable information rapidly to commercial and government decision makers. SaraniaSat's ultimate goal is to implement its H-cubed vision, namely a constellation of Low Earth Orbiting Satellites acquiring High Spatial Resolution, High Spectral Resolution, Hyperspectral Imagery, combined with High Performance Onboard Computing thereby making Remote Sensing impact daily lives much in the same way as the Cell Phone and the Internet.

For more information, please visit SaraniaSat's website at: https://www.saraniasat.com/

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Bolaget är ett modernt IT-bolag som ligger i framkant med integration av AI-lösningar och robotik. Unibap digitaliserar industrins produktion och tillverkning genom att göra blinda robotar seende i kombination med mänskliga förmågor för kvalitetsavsyning och automatisering. Bakgrunden till Unibap är erfarenheter från mångårig utforskning av rymden, av tillverkning av ruggade industridatorlösningar och robotiklösningar.



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