SDS subsidiary Riaktr receives an order for a pilot project from a leading operator in Portugal

Through its recently acquired subsidiary Riaktr, Seamless Distribution Systems AB (SDS) has received an order for a pilot project regarding the roll-out of a 5G network from a leading mobile operator in Portugal.

The project cover Riaktr's Smart Capex solution that can optimize the operator's 5G expansion plan from an economic, technical, and business perspective. The operator will be able to create the most efficient 5G network investments thanks to Riaktr's advanced analysis and AI through a very simple and user-friendly interface.

5G expansion is today a very strategic initiative for telecom operators and Riaktr's Smart Capex solution has already shown significant cost savings and efficiency increases of between 10 and 20%. It is therefore an important strategic advantage for the operators to choose Riaktr's system as the cost of the operator's 5G investment is in the EUR 100 million level and above.

- It is strategically important for SDS that Riaktr has received this Pilot project for 5G in Portugal. Partly because we are now working with the latest technology and that if we are successful in Portugal, it opens additional great opportunities for Riaktr and SDS in Europe ", says Tommy Eriksson, CEO of SDS

The initial order covers the costs of the pilot project and if Riaktr is successful, the operator will place a full order on the Smart Capex system when the pilot project is completed.

For additional information, please contact:
Martin Schedin
Chief Financial Officer
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SDS is a Swedish international software company that that specializes in mobile payment services for mobile operators, distributors, retailers and consumers. SDS ensures that Telecom operators can sell their telephone subscriptions, where SDS products and services handle up to 90% of the Telecom operator's sales. Today, SDS have implemented solutions in fintech, advanced analysis and retail value management, and where these solutions have succeeded, they are transformed into so-called SaaS solutions.

Following the acquisition of Riaktr, SDS has approximately 300 employees in Sweden, France, Belgium, Romania, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India and Indonesia.
Following the acquisition of Riaktr, SDS will annually handle more than 15 billion transactions worth over USD 14 billion. Via over 3 million monthly active resellers of digital products, more than 700 million consumers are served globally.

The company's Certified Adviser is FNCA Sweden AB, phone 08-528 00 399.
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Om Seamless Distribution Systems

SDS är ett svenskt mjukvarubolag med lösningar för elektronisk distribution av tjänster till privatkonsumenter via mobiloperatörer i tillväxtländer. Bolaget erbjuder sina företagskunder en helhetslösning för digitala konto och transaktioner. Bolaget har kunder i alla världsdelar som når över 300 miljoner mobilanvändare via fler än 700 000 aktiva återförsäljare. SDS har cirka 130 medarbetare i Sverige, Belgien, Ghana, Nigeria, USA, Pakistan, Indien, Ecuador och Förenade Arabemiraten.



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