New Nordic Healthbrands Tremånadersrapport januari - mars 2015

· Net sales amounted to MSEK 72.9 (61.1), an increase of 19,4 percent. In local currencies, the increase was 10,2 percent.
· Gross margin increased to 66.8 percent (64.7).
· EBITDA increased to MSEK 4.7 (3.8).
· Operating profit improved to MSEK 4,1 (3.1).
· Profit after tax for the period improved to MSEK 3.1 (2.1).
· Earnings per share increased to SEK 0.50 (0.33).


We had a nice start to the year. Revenues increased more than 10 percent in local currencies. After translation to Swedish kronor, sales increased more than 19 percent and amounted to 72.9 million SEK. Sales have increased satisfactorily in all geographical areas. EBITDA increased by 26 percent to 4.7 million SEK. Earnings per share after tax increased by 52 percent from SEK 0.33 to SEK 0.50.

Gross margin amounted to 66.8 percent and was slightly higher than the same period last year. This is a combination of temporary changes in sales within our product range and results of our efforts to increase gross margin. We increased marketing expenses during the period to stimulate sales of existing products in existing markets and to help increase sales in "young" markets. Our costs are under control. Staff and administrative expenses as a percentage of sales bear witness to the efficient administration and organization. Sales per employee increased to 1.8 million SEK, gross profit per employee to 1.2 million SEK and earnings per employee to 98 000 SEK for the quarter.

The internationalization of New Nordic is in good momentum. We take market share in the market for herbal supplements, which is ex- pected to grow by 2.2 percent in the Nordic countries, 1.9 percent in Europe and 3.5 percent in North America during 2015. We want to increase our international sales hand in hand with increasing our profitability and earnings per share. The efficiency of our marketing and success of our new product launches will be crucial for our results.

During the first quarter we launched three new products. Coffee Diet ™ and Raspberry Kick ™ for weight loss. We also launched the worlds first certified organic fish oil capsule under the brand Dansk Ørred™ in Denmark and Nordic Fish Oil™ elsewhere. Unlike existing natural fish oils on the world market, our oil is cold pressed without the use of chemicals. It is always gratifying when consumers appre- ciate our products. In Canada our Ear Tone™ received the consumer price as the "natural OTC product of the year 2015". Ear Tone was approved in 2014 by the Canadian health authorities to reduce the perception of tinnitus in the ears. We have further exciting launches planned throughout the year.

During the quarter we also strengthened our organization with two new employees in order to establish cooperation with new distributors around the world. The entire organization is very committed and has a strong focus on making our marketing more effective and optimize future product launches.

I am full of optimism and look forward to an exciting and rewarding year for New Nordic and our shareholders.

The information in this press release is that which New Nordic Healthbrands AB (publ) is required to disclose under Sweden's Securi- ties Market Act. It will be released for publication at 9.00 (CET) on April 29st, 2015.

For a full report see attached pdf.

Malmö April 29, 2015

Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen, CEO

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About New Nordic
New Nordic Healthbrands AB (publ) was founded in 1990 and is quoted on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm since 2007. The com- pany's business concept is to offer the most effective and safe food supplements and natural medicines for specific health conditions. New Nordic's branded products are now available in 32 countries in pharmacies and health stores. The New Nordic Group has it's own small sales and marketing companies in most European Countries, Canada and the US, to organize local marketing cam- paigns, serve the pharmacy and health retailers and serve the end consumers. In 2014, sales were 272 MSEK. All New Nordic products sold worldwide are manufactured in Scandinavia. For further information, visit

Om New Nordic

New Nordic är ett kosttillskottföretag som fokuserar på starka internationella varumärken inom specifika hälsomarknadssegment som sömn, åldersbekämpning och viktminskning, samt hår-, hud- och naglar.



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