Lipigon reports a statistically confirmed reduction of target protein ANGPTL4 after repeated treatment with Lipisense®

Lipigon Pharmaceuticals AB (Lipigon) announces today that its blood lipid-lowering drug candidate, Lipisense®, has demonstrated with statistical certainty a significant reduction in the concentration of the target protein ANGPTL4 in the blood of healthy individuals.

In the recent Phase I study involving Lipisense® where 24 healthy participants received four repeated doses of either Lipisense® or a placebo, a reduction in the target protein ANGPTL4 was observed in those administered Lipisense® The decrease in blood plasma reached -29% for individuals undergoing active treatment compared to the placebo group at the 90-day follow-up after the final dose (95% confidence interval: -55% to -3%, P-value: 0.03). The statistical analysis was performed post hoc on the study data by the sponsor.

"We have previously reported a decrease in the target protein ANGPTL4, and we are pleased to announce that this now constitutes a statistically significant reduction. Furthermore, we observe indications of a pronounced treatment effect at higher dosage levels, although a statistically confirmed reduction has yet to be achieved. Since the conducted Phase I study primarily serves as a safety assessment, the necessary statistical data for distinguishing between treatment groups remains unacquired," says CEO Stefan K. Nilsson.

The results are encouraging, suggesting a potential positive impact on cardiometabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

"These findings bolster our confidence as we approach the upcoming Phase II study, where we will investigate repeated treatment with Lipisense® in patients with significantly elevated blood lipids (sHTG) and type 2 diabetes. This patient group exhibits elevated levels of ANGPTL4 in blood plasma, which is genetically associated with cardiometabolic diseases such as cardiovascular disorders and type 2 diabetes," says Stefan K. Nilsson. 

About Lipisense®
Lipisense® is an RNA therapeutics drug candidate that prevents the cells from producing the disease-promoting target protein ANGPTL4 in the liver by destroying the protein-coding RNA before the target protein has been formed. Genetic data demonstrate that ANGPTL4 is an independent risk factor for both cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

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About Lipigon
Lipigon Pharmaceuticals AB is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing drugs with new, unique mechanisms of action (first-in-class) for diseases caused by disorders in the body's handling of fats. The company's operations are based on over 50 years of lipid research at Umeå University, Sweden. Lipigon's initial focus is on orphan drugs and niche indications, but in the long term, the company has the possibility to target broader indications, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Lipigons pipeline includes four active projects: the RNA drug candidate Lipisense® targeting elevated triglycerides, with Phase II studies planned for Q1 2024, an RNA drug candidate for the treatment of lung damage, a gene therapy treatment for the rare disease lipodystrophy in collaboration with Combigene AB (publ), and a small molecule program for the treatment of dyslipidemia in collaboration with HitGen (Inc). Read more at

The company's share (LPGO) is traded on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Certified Adviser is G&W Fondkommission.

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