Lipigon collaborates with University of Washington on lung damage project

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Lipigon Pharmaceuticals AB ("Lipigon") today announced that it has entered a partnership with the University of Washington (UW). This means that UW will receive material from Lipigon to perform advanced studies in lung damage models. The goal is to verify the benefit of ANGPTL4 inhibition in animal models of lung infection and establish inhalation of the tool compound as a route of administration.

Lipigon conducts several drug development projects, one of which is aimed at treating community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). CAP is one of the most common reasons for hospital admission and can lead to complications such as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), a life-threatening condition associated with a decrease in lung function. Lipigon's CAP project shares the target protein ANGPTL4 with Lipisense®, the company's most advanced project currently undergoing clinical trials.

Emerging evidence strongly indicates a deleterious role of ANGPTL4 in promoting pulmonary vascular leakage. This points to the therapeutic potential of ANGPTL4 suppression in severe conditions of the lung, where a therapy to promote vascular integrity may reduce morbidity and mortality.

In the USA, Europe, and Japan, 4-5 million people are affected by CAP, and approximately 500,000 individuals suffer from ARDS each year. The primary treatment for CAP is antibiotics (for bacterial pneumonia). Among hospitalized CAP patients, the mortality rate is about 8 per cent, while for ARDS, it is around 40 per cent. Currently, no approved drug treatment exists for ARDS patients. According to Lipigon's analysis, the CAP project represents a market opportunity worth several billion USD.

The laboratories of Dr. Bill Altemeier (Professor) and Dr. Pavan Bhatraju (Associate Professor) at the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, University of Washington, focus on the pathobiology of community-acquired pneumonia and acute lung injury and the role of endogenous activators of innate immunity and endothelial dysfunction. The laboratories use small animal models of human diseases to integrate cellular and molecular biology mechanistic studies with prospective enrollment of hospitalized patients and measurement of clinically relevant physiological parameters. 

"Community-acquired pneumonia is one of the most common causes of hospitalization, but we lack any therapeutics directed at the dysregulated host response to infection. Modulation of the ANGPTL4 pathway may prevent complications after bacterial or viral infections. Testing Lipigon's molecule in pre-clinical models of lung infection is a significant step forward in identifying therapeutics for patients with community-acquired pneumonia," says Dr. Pavan Bhatraju, MD. MSc.

"We are looking forward to working with Drs. Altemeier's and Bhatraju's lab. They have an impressive track record, with several important publications on the role of ANGPTL4 in infectious lung disease. In addition to being leaders in the field, they also bring state-of-the-art models to the table. We could not have found a better partner to explore the therapeutic potential of using our existing ANGPTL4-ASO compounds in severe lung disease," says Dr. Stefan K. Nilsson, CEO of Lipigon.

"Additionally, the compounds we are using in this project are already fully optimized and developed as backup compounds within the Lipisense® program. This allows them to be nominated as drug candidates and enter IND-enabling studies at any time we deem suitable," adds CEO Dr. Stefan K. Nilsson.

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