Lightspeed Design, Inc. and LC-Tec Displays AB sign a new exclusive distribution agreement

Lightspeed Design, Inc. (Seattle, USA) and LC-Tec Displays AB (Borlänge, Sweden) have today signed a new multi-year exclusive distribution agreement ensuring that the patented PolarSpeed® technology manufactured by LC-Tec will continue to be solely used in DepthQ® 3D Passive Polarization products for Digital Cinema.

The DepthQ® Polarization Modulator and DepthQ® CineBright™ high-brightness 3D Light Recycler allow Digital Cinema projectors to display stunning stereoscopic 3D films and meet Hollywood's demanding image quality standards. With powered, symmetrical 50 microseconds switching time between the eyes, both DepthQ® products enable the world's shortest dark times - thus easily ensuring bright, low-crosstalk operation.

Further details of the agreement are not disclosed.

Chris Ward, President, Lightspeed Design, Inc. / DepthQ: "The high-speed liquid crystal polarization modulation technology manufactured by LC-Tec is a market proven best-in-class product. We are very pleased with the co-developed 3D Digital Cinema technology, with over 2500 operational screens worldwide. We look forward to major new technical developments in 2018 and continuing our close working relationship with the talented people at LC-Tec."

Dr. Jesper Osterman, Managing Director, LC-Tec: "We are delighted to once again sign a new agreement with Lightspeed Design. The outstanding progress made over the years in terms of product development is a direct result of the unique combination of expertise between our two companies and we are looking forward to continuing in the same spirit. The unmatched experience in 3D that Lightspeed possesses is a perfect match with our skills in LC-device research and manufacturing."

To learn more about DepthQ® products please visit Booth # 2013 A at CinemaCon 2018, April
23-26, Las Vegas, USA.

Borlänge, April 17th, 2018

For further information, please contact:
Chris Ward
Lightspeed Design, Inc.
Tel: +1-425-637-2818

Jesper Osterman
Managing Director
LC-Tec Displays AB
Tel: +46-243-794070

or visit the website or contact the sales department at [email protected] or at +1-206-784-1385.

About Lightspeed Design, Inc.
Lightspeed Design, Inc. / DepthQ®, located in Bellevue, WA, USA, has over 25 years' experience in 3D film & video production and stereoscopic 3D technology development. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to create immersive, impactful experiences and precise technology solutions for clients such as Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Disney, NASA, Christie, and thousands of Cinemas. DepthQ® is a registered trademark of Lightspeed Design, Inc.

About LC-Tec
LC-Tec is a technology company specializing in optical components based on liquid crystal (LC) technology. Located in Borlänge, Sweden, the company has over 25 years' experience of designing and manufacturing a wide range of LC-based products, including optical shutters, variable ND filters, polarization modulators, and information displays. The facilities house advanced electro-optical laboratories as well as a modern passive matrix LCD manufacturing line. LC-Tec is a publicly traded company, listed on the NGM Nordic MTF stock exchange market. PolarSpeed® is a registered trademark of LC-Tec Displays AB. More information about LC-Tec can be found at

Om LC-Tec

LC-Tec-koncernen är specialiserad på optiska komponenter baserade på flytande kristall-teknik.



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