JonDeTech launches a new conceptual design for heat flux measurement based on the world's thinnest sensor element

- The unique design of the in-house developed sensor element JIRS30 creates completely new possibilities for measuring heat flux for the wearables market 

JonDeTech's self-developed sensor element JIRS30 is approaching commercial status, and to meet customer requests, the company has developed a first prototype in the heat flux area for wearables, a market undergoing substantial growth. The fact that JIRS30 is one of the world's thinnest sensor elements makes it particularly suitable for placing in, for example, smartwatches and smart patches.  

The "JIRS30 heat-flux demonstrator" will be an essential part of the company's sales process to illustrate various principles related to heat transfer.

- Being able to offer customers the opportunity to see and experience a concrete solution for heat flux measurement allows us to create a better understanding of the functionality of JIRS30, which will lead to more concrete customer dialogues about how our product can be used for example, in wearables and smartwatches, says Dean Tosic, CEO of JonDeTech.

Some of the application areas that the demonstrator can exemplify include:

  • Body temperature measurement in smartwatches and smart wearables.
  • Shows how reflective materials can block or reduce radiant heat transfer, which is important in energy-efficient window design applications.
  • Control of heat flux over different materials or setups: this is important for instruments in analysis where heat transfer and temperature stability are essential.
  • Thermal conductivity of different materials by placing them in contact with a heat source and observing how quickly or slowly they heat up. This is useful when creating applications related to, for example, insulation in buildings. 

- With this first prototype, we want to show how JIRS30 can be used as a heat flux sensor and how the sensor behaves in different areas of use. The prototype informs us how JIRS30 conducts in dynamic contexts where heat flux change over time and how heat flux measurements can be used in various practical situations, says Martin Andersson, Product Developer JonDeTech.


For more information, please contact:

Dean Tosic, CEO JonDeTech, phone: +46 73 994 85 70, mail: [email protected]


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JonDeTech is a supplier of sensor technology. The company markets a portfolio of IR sensor elements based on proprietary nanotechnology and silicon MEMS. The nanoelements are extremely thin, built-in flexible plastic, and can be manufactured in high volumes at a low cost, which opens up for a variety of applications, such as temperature and heat flow measurements, presence detection, and gas detection. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Redeye is the company's Certified Adviser. Read more at or see how the IR sensor works at


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