Eevia Health Plc receives multiple sales orders for c. KSEK 518 (KEUR 50) Eevia Health ("Eevia" or "The Company") received several sales orders totaling c 518 kSEK (50 kEUR) from various European customers.
Eevia Health Plc finalizes a key development project and receives grant payment for c. 2,747 KSEK (243 KEUR) Eevia Health ("Eevia" or "The Company") has finalized a development project for the documentation of bioactivity on its products, which was co-funded by Business Finland. Eevia e...
Eevia Health Plc receives a KSEK 1,472 (KUSD 142) sales order for Feno-Sambucus™ 7 Organic Eevia Health ("Eevia" or "The Company") received a 1,472 kSEK / 142 kUSD blanket sales order for the elderberry extract Feno-Sambucus™ 7 Organic from a distributor in the US.
Eevia Health Plc revises its Information Policy Eevia Health Plc ("Eevia" or "The Company") has revised its Information Policy and changed the threshold for orders to 566 KSEK (50 KEUR).
Eevia Health Plc Year End Report - 2023 Eevia Health Plc ("Eevia" or "The Company") is releasing its year-end financial report for the full year of 2023, as well as for Quarter 4, 2023.
Eevia Health Plc engages with a global market leader to evaluate collaboration on the launch of a novel dietary eye-health ingredient Eevia Health Plc ("Eevia" or "The Company") is exchanging confidential information with a global market leader in eye health regarding a novel ingredient Eevia developed over the...
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Om Eevia Health

Eevia Health targets health problems with bioactive extracts from plant material. The human body has an incredible ability to restore good health. However, sometimes the body needs active support. Our mission is to support good health and well-being with plant extracts which have scientifically documented health benefits. Eevia Health manufactures and markets organic ingredients from abundant plant material in the Arctic. Our products are targeted against low-grade inflammation, problems in eye and brain health, and metabolic effects. We collaborate with scientists in Finland and abroad to scientifically substantiate the positive effects of ingredients and also to document the safety of use.



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