Comment by reason of Peab's year-end report

Annehem Fastigheter was previously a wholly-owned subsidiary of Peab AB, which was distributed to Peab's shareholders in December 2020. Peab has today published its year-end report for 2020 and it includes limited financial information regarding Annehem Fastigheter.

Peab has received financial information concerning Annehem up to and including 30 November 2020. Annehem's year-end report will be published on 25 February 2021, in accordance with the company's financial calendar. In light of the above, it should be noted that Annehem Fastigheter and Peab apply different accounting principles, particularly with regard to the recognition of the investments properties that are now part of the Annehem group, which are reported at fair value in Annehem's financial reports.

For more information on Annehem and Annehem's accounting principles, it is referred to the prospectus that was prepared in connection with the listing on Nasdaq Stockholm, dated 2 December 2020.

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About Annehem Fastigheter

Annehem Fastigheter is a growth-driven property company specialising in commercial, community service and residential properties in the Nordic growth regions of Stockholm, Skåne, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Oslo. The property portfolio in Annehem Fastigheter consists of 22 investment properties with a value of SEK 3,281 million and a lettable area of 184 thousand sqm. The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since December 2020 with the ticker ANNE B. For more information, please visit our website

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