The proportion of users who come to the Adventure Box gaming platform via social media has increased by 624% over the last six months. During the same period, the organic share rose by 385%.

Adventure Box, the leading social cloud platform for consumer-created computer games, makes it fun to create, share and play 3D games online.

Over the last six months, the proportion of visitors to Adventure Box from social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook increased by 624%. In addition, there is an increase of 385% in the proportion of visitors who found Adventure Box organically, that is by searching online themselves.

Game creators, the most important user target group, are in focus as Adventure Box gradually improves the platform. New functionality is tested and improved in collaboration with selected "super-game creators." A dedicated development team continuously corrects bugs, while another development team develops exciting new game functionality.

Our most productive "super game creator" has, during April alone, published 17 new games. Game creators are to a greater extent using social features to promote their games, which drives the spread of Adventure Box.

The company maintains the goal of approximately 200,000 monthly visitors as work on improving the platform continues.

"The increase in the proportion of visitors from social media and organic traffic points in the direction of the viral spread we want to achieve," said Christopher Kingdon, CEO of Adventure Box.


Key figures for Adventure Box April 2021 (March in parentheses):

• Number of website visitors 213,230 (208,634)

• Proportion of visitors from gaming websites 7% (9%)

• Proportion of visitors through purchased traffic[1]  66% (50%)

• Average cost for purchased traffic SEK 0.31 (SEK 0.31)

• Number of returning users 44,430 (48,521)

• Share of returning users 21% (23%)

• Number of still image impressions 6,121 (16,807)

• Revenue per thousand views of still image advertising SEK 4 (SEK 5)

Note that due to the large amounts of data, the above key figures, taken from Google Analytics / AdSense / Ads, can vary over time.

[1] The share of users from paid search is only one type of purchased traffic and is only displayed as a reference to last month’s reported numbers. A large share of the users arrives from other networks where origin or user behavior is not always displayed.


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Adventure Box, the leading social cloud gaming platform for user-created games, makes it easy and fun to make, share and play 3D games online. The company's world-leading streaming technology is patent protected. Founded in Stockholm 2014, the company also has staff in Paris, Seville, Malta, Cobenhaben, and Kerala (India). Adventure Box is traded at Nasdaq First North Growth Market under the short name ADVBOX and ISIN code SE0012955276. 

Redeye AB with email [email protected] and phone number +46 8 121 576 90 is the company's Certified Adviser.

Om Adventure Box

Adventure Box, utvecklar och driver en sociala molnplattform för konsumentskapade dataspel, som gör det enkelt och roligt att skapa, dela och spela 3D spel online. Bolagets streamingteknologi är patentskyddad.



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