Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting in Adventure Box Technology AB (publ)

The shareholders in Adventure Box Technology AB (publ), Reg. No. 556963-6599, (the "Company") are hereby summoned to the Extraordinary General Meeting on Thursday, 16 December 2021 at 2:00 CET at the Company's premises, Sveavägen 166, Stockholm.

Notice of participation and registration

Shareholders who wish to participate in the Extraordinary General Meeting must be registered in the shareholders' register maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB as of 8 December 2021. Furthermore, shareholders who wish to participate in the Extraordinary General Meeting must notify the Company no later than 10 December 2021 of their participation. Notice of participation shall be made:

· by mail: Adventure Box Technology AB (publ), Sveavägen 166, 113 46 Stockholm, Sweden, marked "EGM", or

· by e-mail: [email protected]

The notice of participation must state name, personal identification number or corporate registration number, postal address, a daytime telephone number, shareholding and, where appropriate, information about any proxy or shareholder assistants. Shareholders may bring a maximum of two assistants, provided that their attendance is notified as above.

Nominee-registered shares

In order to be entitled to participate in the Extraordinary General Meeting, a shareholder whose shares are nominee-registered with a bank or other nominee must, in addition to giving notice of participation in the Extraordinary General Meeting, register its shares in its own name so that the shareholder is registered in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB as of the record date on 8 December 2021. Such registration may be temporary (so-called voting rights registration), and request for such voting rights registration shall be made to the nominee in accordance with the nominee's routines at such a time in advance as decided by the nominee. Voting rights registrations made no later than the second banking day after 8 December 2021 are taken into account in the presentation of the share register.

Authorised representatives and proxy forms

Shareholders represented by proxy must issue a written, signed and dated power of attorney for the proxy. The power of attorney must not have been issued more than one year before the date of the Extraordinary General Meeting, unless the power of attorney provides for a longer period, however, not exceeding five years from issuance. The original power of attorney as well as registration certificate and other authorization documents, evidencing the authorised representative, should reach the Company at the above address no later than 10 December 2021.

A proxy form is available on the Company's website,

Proposed agenda

1 Opening of the Extraordinary General Meeting

2 Election of Chairman of the Extraordinary General Meeting

3 Preparation and approval of the voting list

4 Approval of the agenda

5 Election of keeper of minutes and one or two persons who shall attest the minutes of the meeting

6 Determination of whether the Extraordinary General Meeting has been duly convened

7 Election of Board members

8 Closing of the Extraordinary General Meeting

Proposals to resolution Item 2 - Election of Chairman of the Extraordinary General Meeting

The Board of Directors proposes that member of the Swedish bar Association Johan Wigh, or in the event of his absence, the person designated by the Board of Directors instead, be elected Chairman of the Extraordinary General Meeting.

Item 7 - Election of Board members

Shareholders representing 15,63 percent of the total amount of shares and votes in the Company, propose that the Board of Directors shall consist of four Board members as follows: Christopher Kingdon (re-election), Rikard Herlitz (re-election), Hans Richter (new election) and Cleo Hayes-McCoy (new election) for the period until the end of the Annual General Meeting 2022. Furthermore, the Board member Christopher Kingdon is proposed to be elected Chairman of the Board.

According to the proposal, Örjan Frid, Claes Kalborg, Jason Williams and Staffan Eklöw will not be re-elected as members of the Board.

Newly elected Board members and resigning Board members shall receive remuneration for their work as Board members in accordance with the remuneration level resolved by the Annual General Meeting 2021, proportional to the length of the term of office.

Hans Richter

Year of birth: 1949.

Education: B.Sc. from Stockholm University, MBA Uppsala University.

Other ongoing assignments: Board member of Icehotel AB, Gällöfsta Utbildning och konferens, Vi Går i Mål AB; Acceptus AB, Iris Horisont AB and CFO for Hire listed companies: Klaria Pharma Holding AB and Kancera AB.

Previous assignments the last five years: Board member of Magelhusen AB and business controller / CFO at a number of companies such as Beijerinvest, Vick Scandinavia, Wrigley Chewinggum, Huddinge University Hospital, Pharmacia Biosensor AB, and Vice President for Finance: Ervacogruppen AB, Albihns Patentbyrå AB and CEO for AB Nackahem.

Other relevant experience: Solid previous experience as a board professional and CFO for hire.

Shareholding in the Company: 29,061.

Option holding in the Company: 0.

Independent in relation to the Company and the management: Yes.

Independent in relation to major shareholders: Yes.

Cléo Hayes-McCoy

Year of birth: 1980.

Education: BSc in mathematics, Trinity University.

Other ongoing assignments: -

Previous assignments the last five years: Co-founder and CTO of Adventure Box Technology AB (publ). Board Member of Lydd Consulting.

Other relevant experience: Built her first 3D-engine for the Stanford particle accelerator. Super experienced in Voxel engine design, Leadership, Process implementation, Software development, Software architecture and UI design.

Shareholding in the Company: 838,395 including 700,000 shares via the fully owned company Robert O'Leary Consulting.

Option holding in the Company: 45,020.

Independent in relation to the Company and the management: No.

Independent in relation to major shareholders: No.

Number of shares and votes

At the time of issuance of this notice, the total number of shares in the Company, as well as the total number of votes, is 15,069,686. The Company holds no treasury shares.

Shareholders' rights to receive information
In accordance with Chapter 7, Section 32 of the Swedish Companies Act, the Board of Directors and the Managing Director shall, if any shareholder so requests and the Board of Directors believes that it can be done without material harm to the Company, provide information at the meeting about circumstances that may affect the evaluation of an item on the agenda.

Available documents

Complete proposals for resolutions are set out in this notice, which is available on the Company's website, Copies of the documents will also be sent to the shareholders who request so and who provide their postal address.

Processing of personal data

For information regarding the processing of your personal data, see

N.B. This notice is a translation of a Swedish notice, and in case of any conflict between the two language versions, the Swedish version shall prevail.

Adventure Box Technology AB (publ)

Stockholm in November 2021
The Board of Directors


Rickard Riblom, CEO Adventure Box, +46 (0)70 444 24 79,
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Adventure Box, the leading social cloud gaming platform for user-created games, makes it easy and fun to make, share and play 3D games online. The company's world-leading streaming technology is patent protected. Founded in Stockholm 2014, the company also has staff in Paris, Seville, Malta, Cobenhaben, Madrid and Riga. Adventure Box is traded at Nasdaq First North Growth Market under the short name ADVBOX and ISIN code SE0012955276. Aktieinvest FK AB with email [email protected] and phone number +46 739 49 62 50 is the company's Certified Adviser.

Om Adventure Box

Adventure Box, utvecklar och driver en sociala molnplattform för konsumentskapade dataspel, som gör det enkelt och roligt att skapa, dela och spela 3D spel online. Bolagets streamingteknologi är patentskyddad.



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