Tempest partners with InSupport and Ultinous to enhance performance and cut human interaction by 80% in its Alarm Receiving Centre with AI-Powered alarm filtering.

Tempest Security AB (publ), global security services provider, has partnered with InSupport Nätverksvideo AB and Ultinous to bring an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) based solution into their daily operations. The partnership aims to increase the efficiency and accuracy of nuisance alarm filtering and reduce the workload of Tempest's SOC operations. The move aligns with Tempest's values of innovation and quality while maintaining its commitment to providing high-reliability solutions to its clients.

Tempest has, similar to other players within the security indiustry, often experiencing an abundant amount of false alarms due to the varying and often harsh weather conditions.One of the major challenges was therefore to find a solution that is reliable even in bad weather. Tempest turned to InSupport to find the best-in-class AI-powered alarm filtering solution and reduce the workload on their staff.


InSupport Nätverksvideo AB, a system integrator in the Nordics, has a long-term and trusted partnership with Tempest as their main infrastructure and private secure cloud services partner. It also collaborates with leading artificial intelligence software companies providing innovative solutions to its customers. To identify the best-fitting solution, InSupport, and Tempest initiated a detailed 12-month field trial, where multiple solutions were tested.


With the trials concluded, Tempest and InSupport decided to deploy U-Filter by Ultinous - a Swedish-Hungarian AI software company. U-Filter is the company's signature product for Alarm Receiving Centres that uses a processing technology which makes the solution lightweight and extremely scalable. At the same time, it ensures enterprise-grade accuracy even in challenging weather conditions. U-Filter is independent of any pre-existing video surveillance systems and does not require any cloud access, which was vital for Tempest.


-U-Filter proved to be up to three times more efficient in false alarm filtering than other solutions. We are using U-filter in sharp operation in our Alarm Receiving Centre and the efficiency we expected and hoped for is achieved. About 80% of the alarms, we previously had to deal with are now filtered out. This empowers our team to perform at their best and focus on alarms that really matter.  - Janne Rastas, Head of Sales Tempest Security Sverige AB.


-We are thrilled to be selected by Tempest and InSupport and we feel reassured by the business benefits that U-Filter delivers to a growing number of partners. It feels great to deliver innovative solutions that are bringing tangible benefits to our partners and their customers every day  - Tibold Balogh, CEO Ultinous

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