EYEONID GROUP AB (publ): EyeOnText launches new website for it's text analytics NLP with the Wowool SDK. A platform designed to boost text analytics, turning data into results.

We have now launched a new website better targeting the community of Data scientist and professional text analytics users and their needs for comprehensive an easy to use NLP Wowool SDK.

The Wowool SDK is based on a unique implementation of a pattern matcher. Our lookup mechanism has been optimized to deal with language issues and has been augmented to encode and match multiple levels simultaneously: characters, tokens and annotations. A memory mechanism has been added for cross-analysis persistence and special constructs have been implemented to deal with non-sequential patterns and conditional matching. A filtering mechanism allows us to deal with language exceptions in a very easy and intuitive way.

Want to find the difference in the meaning of words with a tool that can identify the different between a noun or a verb, find the context in written text in 9 different languages, at super high speed. That's what the EyeOnText NLP Wowool SDK will provide you as a data scientist it will enhance your analyzing capability and enable new ways of turning data into results. Check out the new website to find out more and let us know what you think or take it to the next level for your upcoming data analyzing project.


NLP is part of the AI domain and focuses on text analytics extracting meaning and context from text-based data. EyeOnText is built over the last few years and is designed by one of the markets pioneers in this field Philippe Forest and his colleague Carolina Rubio.

From written text to structured information creating your data results, we call it a data scientist boost providing qualitative support for ingesting unstructured textual data and deliver structured semantic objects, such as entities, sentiments, profiles, facts and links.

Build upon an open paradigm with a rule-based language and an elaborate set of building blocks. EyeOnText is based on 3rd generation NLP technology that offers better speed, quality and flexibility when it comes to analyzing and extracting relevant results from your data.

Using our infrastructure using the REST API or get the SDK and build your own solution on-site or embedded using the Python or C++ API. Speed up your time-to-market by using an NLP development toolkit which includes corpus analysis tools that allow you to inspect vast volumes of data fast.

"I'm very excited about the future for EyeOnText and the ability for our community to capitalize on it even more as we continue to develop the SDK further in close relationship with students, universities and innovation projects and hubs.

EyeOnText is also a vital part of what makes EyeOnID's service stand out in the market and brings a unique element to our ability to identify reliable data and provide individual risk scoring. The new website is aiming at the Data Scientist's community and to further attract innovation capital to EyeOnText in the cooperation with our community of student's universities and innovation projects. I see this launch as the first step in increasing the awareness of our NLP platform in the market and community of data analysts. I'm very proud of the team effort behind the launch with Anton Linné as implementation showing the strength of the company a market leader." says Patrik Ugander CEO Eyeonid Group.

For further information, please contact:

Patrik Ugander, CEO, Eyeonid Group AB (publ)

Phone: 070-544 01 68

Email: [email protected]


Eyeonid Group AB was founded in 2015 and has since its inception developed a technically complex and advanced platform for proactive ID protection services. The company's service monitors and alerts customers when sensitive, private and corporate digital information, such as login credentials, credit card numbers and social security numbers, are found at unauthorized sites on the internet, whereupon the customer can act and protect himself.

Om Eyeonid Group

Eyeonid Group AB (publ) grundades 2015 och är en SaaS-leverantör som genom egenutvecklad teknologi för insamling, analys och paketering av data utvecklar och säljer smarta lösningar som gör livet på internet enklare och tryggare för människor, företag och organisationer. Bolaget tillhandahåller affärslösningar inom IT säkerhet, integritetsskyddande tjänster och AI baserade datalösningar. Dessa riktas i första hand mot B2B marknaden i Europa för branscher som t.ex. bank, försäkring och telekom.



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