Eyeonid Group AB (publ) and Baloise Belgium received the GOLD award from Accenture and EFMA, for best product & innovation

Eyeonid Group AB (publ) and Baloise launched a product in the Belgium market in late 2019 under the brand Baloise CyberSafe Family, a combined offer of Cyber-insurance and proactive ID-security based on EyeOnID's products for ID-monitoring. In a pan European event hosted by EFMA and Accenture, Baloise and EyeOnid competed with over 50 other innovations. After becoming a finalist in the competition Baloise was awarded the gold medal for its new product, which was publicly announced on the 17th of June.

Baloise is a large pan European insurer with head office in Switzerland, and offers consumer and corporate insurance products in local markets across Europe. The Baloise company in Antwerp, Belgium became a customer to EyeOnID in 2019 and together with TietoEVRY the three companies launched a new offer and distribution platform in Nov 2019. Baloise provides the insurance element specifically designed for families and EyeonID the proactive ID-monitoring service and web-portal under the brand of Baloise CyberSafe. The solution is sold and distributed through the TietoEVRY platform insurance-in-a box package, which will be sold throughout the vast network of insurance brokers contracted by Baloise.

Earlier this spring, the Baloise CyberSafe Family was nominated in an insurance competition for best product and innovation. Baloise and EyeOnID competed with over 50 other products within the product & innovation category.  In the competition finals on 17th June, after votes were collected from all delegates and registered users, they received the GOLD award from Accenture and EFMA.

This is a joint effort between Baloise, EyenOnID and TietoEVRY who were all a part of creating this new innovative offer for the insurance market.

Read more about it here https://innovationininsurance.efma.com/award-winners

"I'm very proud of the entire team and the joint partnership with Baloise and TietioEVRY to have been awarded this fantastic prize, along with the CyberSafe Family, for best product and innovation. This is the kind of reward and recognition that proves that you are doing the right things. I believe that this is the smart choice for the family, it provides trust in the usage of internet and it gives the end user control of its entities and ID's. An award is not changing the game, but it positions the three companies as strong contenders and a serious alternative to being exposed and put at risk when being on the internet on a daily basis, a community that never sleeps. We will continue bringing awareness and knowledge to the market, and make the Internet a safer place for the whole family" says Patrik Ugander, CEO Eyeonid Group AB (publ)

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Patrik Ugander, CEO Eyeonid Group AB

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Eyeonid Group AB (publ) was founded in 2015 and is a SaaS provider who through their proprietary technology for collection, analysis and packaging of data, develop and sell smart solutions that provides a simple and secure internet experience for people, corporations and organizations. Through end to end solutions that are supplemented with insurances, payment solutions and sales and marketing support for industries such as Bank, Insurance, Telecom and Retail, EyeOnID solutions create new business opportunities for its customers.

Om Eyeonid Group

Eyeonid Group AB (publ) grundades 2015 och är en SaaS-leverantör som genom egenutvecklad teknologi för insamling, analys och paketering av data utvecklar och säljer smarta lösningar som gör livet på internet enklare och tryggare för människor, företag och organisationer. Bolaget tillhandahåller affärslösningar inom IT säkerhet, integritetsskyddande tjänster och AI baserade datalösningar. Dessa riktas i första hand mot B2B marknaden i Europa för branscher som t.ex. bank, försäkring och telekom.



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