Zhoda to produce 100,000 bottles of wine from the 2017 harvest

Zhoda Investments' ("Zhoda") recent acquisition SAN, an organic wine producer located on the Dalmatian cost of Croatia, has successfully completed the 2017 harvest and expects to produce 100,000 bottles of wine this year.

The red grape harvest, mainly consisting of the Babic but also Plavac Mali grape, amounted to a total of 115 tons, giving a total harvest of approximately 130 tons, including the white wine Posip grape.

The harvest has resulted in 75,000 liters of wine, equivalent to 100,000 bottles. This year, SAN has produced 7,000 liters of its first rosé to complement its still red and white wines. All of the wine will be sold under SAN's own brand.

This year's warm weather conditions with little rain resulted in a smaller harvest than last year, but also grapes of very high quality. The micro-location, planning and preparation of the vineyard in combination with its irrigation system provide ideal conditions for the local grape varieties that SAN grows.

"The harvest has been an important milestone for us. The high quality of the grapes will allow us to produce excellent wines this year", says Robert Karlsson, CEO of Zhoda Investments.

SAN's vineyard is located on slopes overlooking the Adriatic Sea and contains 252,000 vines with the local Dalmatian grapes Babic, Posip and Plavac Mali, the latter being a relative of the Zinfandel grape.

Stockholm, 23 October 2017

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