The World's First Global "No-Fly" Climate Conference to be broadcast Live on Earth Day 2018

On Earth Day, April 22, 2018, We Don't Have Time presents the #WeDontHaveTime Climate Conference. Prominent speakers and participants will join this virtual event to be broadcasted live online for everyone. It marks the launch of #WeDontHaveTime and is the first global "no-fly" event of its kind. Keynote speakers include Jeffrey Sachs, Stuart Scott, Pam Pearson, Dennis Meadows and Elizabeth Woodworth and more. Panel members will round-up and discuss and the online audience will be able to join the discussion.

We Don't Have Time is building a social media platform and a movement, aimed at raising awareness, encouraging solutions and demanding action from world leaders regarding climate change and overuse of ecological resources. To kick off the initiative, the organization will host an online conference on climate change and on how to expand the global movement to combat climate change.

Ingmar Rentzhog, CEO and founder of We Don't Have Time says:

- The goal of our platform is to use social media to expand and empower the global climate movement. We are a tech-startup with global ambitions, so organizing a virtual conference featuring high profile speakers is natural for us. Few people fly more than climate activists and researchers attending environmental conferences all over the world. By doing a "no-fly event" we want to show everyone, not just climate activists, that an alternative is possible. But above all we want to inspire, educate and encourage people to combat climate change.

The conference has attracted a strong cast of participants, including Jeffrey Sachs, Dennis Meadows, Stuart Scott, Pam Pearson, Peter Carter, Smart Chukwuma Amaefula, Cathy Orlando, Richard Bergfors, Elizabeth Woodworth, Robert Falck, Tove Ahlström, Rituraj Phukan, Dan Old, Hanna Lindquist, Christofer Friberg, Anders Wijkman, Daniel Lundh, Helena Lindemark, Maria Mähl and Ingmar Rentzhog. Conference host will be meteorologist Martin Hedberg and TV host and producer Julia Messelt.

The conference will feature three segments. The first, "Reality," deals with the state of the climate today and the consequences of global warming. The second, "Solutions," discusses technical innovation and policy initiatives whereas the third and last segment, "Action," focuses on how to raise awareness globally and build a movement that demands change.

The 2018 We Don't Have Time Climate Conference will be broadcast on YouTube Live, Facebook Live and on Twitter Periscope April 22, 2018, 15:00 - 19:00 CEST (3 p.m-7 p.m). To learn more and register, go to

Broadcast license and participation in live studio
The broadcast and associated content will be licensed under public domain. If you are interested in publishing the live or recorded content under your brand please contact us. A limited number of seats are available for the live event at the TV studio premises in Stockholm. Please contact us for details.

Our partners
The #wedonthavetime climate conference is produced in cooperation with our partners TRINE - an investment platform that allows private individuals to invest in solar energy. Aidbox is an email signature for good causes and the 2022 Initiative Foundation aims to accelerate sustainable development in line with the UN Global Goals. Business Insider Nordic is our media partner and will broadcast the live event to a global audience.

FAQ - How can you guarantee the conference is fossil free?
No one - and we really mean no one - gets to fly in order to attend the conference.

The carbon footprint from hosting, energy consumption of the actual conference as well as the the small team of hosts, speakers and guests, that will attend the actual production studio, and the food and beverage to be served during these four hours will be offset through investing in off-grid solar energy by our partner TRINE.

Transport is either done by electric bike or other electric vehicle through MoveByBike or through public transport. If any fossil fuel vehicle is used it will be carbon offset by our partner Trine.

Food and beverage for the studio and event is done via local food waste catering Sopköket which means we will only serve food and beverages that would have otherwise gone to waste.

For further information and media inquiries
Ingmar Rentzhog, CEO WeDontHaveTime AB (publ)
Phone: +46 73-633 29 10
E-mail: [email protected]

About WeDontHaveTime AB (publ)
We Don't Have Time's goal is to create a social media platform for the future, focused on the biggest challenge of our times - climate change. Through our platform, millions of members will unite to put pressure on leaders, politicians and corporations to act for the climate. We Don't Have Time to wait to act on the climate crisis.

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