Production report for January 2021

Petrosibir's total oil production during January 2021 amounted to 32,375 barrels, equivalent to 1,044 barrels per day.

The table below summarises the average monthly / daily production in 2021 and 2020, broken down by region.

2020 2021
Average Dec Jan
Total production
Bashkiria 9 777 9 592 9 446
Komi 27 230 23 796 22 929
Total barrels 37 007 33 388 32 375
Per day
Bashkiria 321 309 305
Komi 894 768 740
Total barrels per day 1 215 1 077 1044

Test production from the new well Yanbayskaya-1 that started in January 2021 is not included in the numbers above.

Petrosibir owns 100% of the Russian company IngeoHolding, which holds a production licence in Bashkiria. Petrosibir also owns 49% of the Cypriot company Ripiano, whose wholly owned Russian subsidiaries hold three production licences in Komi.

For more information, please contact:
Pavel Tetyakov, CEO, +46 8 407 1850

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Gunnar Danielsson, deputy CEO and CFO, +46 70 738 0585

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About Petrosibir

Petrosibir is a Swedish company focused on exploring and developing concessions in Russia. The company holds licences in the Russian republics of Bashkiria and Komi. Petrosibir's 2P oil and gas reserves amount to 35 million barrels of oil equivalent. The Petrosibir share is traded on the OTC-list at beQuoted under the symbol PSIB-B.

This is an English translation of the Swedish original. In case of discrepancies, the Swedish original shall prevail.

Om Petrosibir

Petrosibir är ett svenskt bolag med inriktning på prospektering och utvinning av olja och gas i Ryssland.

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