Omnio is preparing for taking the company to the next phase of development with newly appointed board

Omnio AB, a private biopharmaceutical company developing recombinant plasminogen for chronic non-healing wounds, announces the inauguration of a new board of directors that brings together an outstanding team of seasoned executives in the biotech and life sciences industries.

The board of directors comprises of Tomas Eriksson as Chairman of the board, Iréne Agerkvist, Robert Al, Nathan Hore, Tor Ny, Jos van der Woert, and Thomas Würdinger.

Omnio has during the past year put together a management team of senior executives covering expertise in preclinical research, manufacturing of biological drugs and clinical development. It is great to further accelerate our strategic positioning with the new board of directors, says CEO Ulrika Norin.

The new board of directors will leverage their extensive expertise to advance the preclinical project of Omnio AB to clinical validation. The team comprises of experienced life science executives with world-leading expertise in plasminogen science, biological drug development, regulatory expertise, clinical development, and the advanced wound care market. They have the network and experience to take the company through clinical trials and subsequent partnering for market authorization.

We have a very exciting time ahead of us. The company has made significant progress during the past months in our manufacturing process and is expecting to get efficacy data from preclinical wound studies before the summer of our new optimized drug candidate, continues Ulrika. While the preclinical studies are ongoing, we are working intensely on our clinical development program ensuring we identify the best path to bringing plasminogen-based therapeutics to the patients.

With Omnio's team of executives, the board of directors is well-positioned to provide strategic guidance and ensure the successful transition of the company from a preclinical project into clinical development. Through the network and experience of the newly appointed board, the company is well-positioned to build strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, accelerate its clinical development program, and ultimately bring its innovative wound healing drug candidate to market. Omnio's dedication of transforming the field of advanced wound care and improving patient outcomes permeates into everyone involved in the company's development and the new board is eager to work with the company's staff, partners, and stakeholders and make significant contributions to the biotech industry.

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Ulrika Norin, CEO, Omnio AB
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About Plasminogen:

Plasminogen is an abundant endogenous protein produced by the liver and circulates through-out the body via the bloodstream. Plasminogen is the pro-enzym of the protease plasmin. Originally discovered for its fibrinolytic properties and function in dissolving blood clots, its function in wound healing has more recently been described. Through animal studies it has been shown that plasminogen is involved in the initiation, resolution, and proliferative phases of the inflammatory process during wound healing and a lack of plasminogen severely disrupts the normal wound healing cascade.

About Omnio AB:

Omnio AB is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development of new drug products based on the pro-inflammatory and immunoregulatory effects of the protein plasminogen. Omnio focuses on developing recombinant plasminogen for chronic wound healing, where initial physician-led studies of patients with chronic wounds have shown great potential. Our ambition is to change today's wound healing treatment and provide an effective alternative to patients where effective bioactive treatment is lacking.

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