Autocirc announces yet another acquisition, paving the way for increased market share in France.

In a continuation of its expansion strategy, Autocirc announces the acquisition of Caréco Louhans (SAS Auto Pieces Louhans). Following this week's previous acquisition of Caréco Pontarlier, this move marks yet another significant step for Autocirc's presence in France and towards a circular economy within the European auto parts industry.

For more than twenty years, Caréco Louhans has been at the forefront of vehicle dismantling, repair, and recycling in the strategic Chalon-sur-Saône/Lons-le-Saulnier/Bourg-en-Bresse triangle. With a team of twenty professionals, the company operates two sales outlets offering access to an extensive inventory of over 2000 vehicles and more than 50 000 vehicle parts. 

Edouard Martin, who serves as CEO for both Caréco Louhans and Caréco Pontarlier, will continue in his role. This ensures stability and continuity in the company's operations, as well as key insights into the French automotive parts industry that will benefit Autocirc's continued expansion. Through recent investments, Caréco Louhans is well-positioned for future growth. 

Edouard Martin, CEO of Caréco Louhans, comments:
"This merger with Autocirc aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability in the automotive recycling industry. Through increased efficiency and close co-operation with the companies in the Autocirc Group, we are confident that this partnership will benefit both our customers and the environment."

 Maxime Richaud, CEO of Autocirc France, says:
"The integration of Cáreco Louhans into Autocirc marks a significant step on our growth journey. By scaling up, we can make a greater difference and ensure that used auto parts are handled in the most efficient way for reintroduction on the market. The leadership of the Martin family will greatly benefit our operations in France and strengthen our position in the European market." 

Autocirc France
Maxime Richaud, CEO
+33 (0)6 32 59 58 92
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Caréco Louhans
Edouard Martin, CEO
+33 (0) 6 77 57 69 50
[email protected]

Autocirc works for a circular transition in the automotive industry. We ensure that used car parts get back on the road again - or that materials and components can be used in completely different products and contexts. By moving from new production to reuse, remanufacturing, repurpose and recycling of car parts, we are making the second-hand market the first choice. A sustainable choice for a smarter automotive industry and a better alternative, also for the next generation.

Autocirc was founded in 2019 and is growing rapidly. Today, the group consists of 60 companies with over 1000 employees and operates in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, Poland, Germany and France.

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