Segulah skapar SELATEK - en utmanare inom säkerhet, elinstallation och automation

In November 2021, Segulah acquired a majority stake in Levinsgruppen, a leading regional provider of electrical installation, climate control systems and turnkey industrial automation services, to support the company in its next growth phase. Since then, eight acquisitions have been completed tripling the Group's combined revenues to around SEK 750m and expanding geographical presence to the attractive greater Stockholm region.

To address the market's increased demand for qualified services within security solutions, electrical installation, and automation, SELATEK has been created with the ambition to take larger contracts with a focus on sustainability and technology. Through organic growth initiatives in a structurally growing market, continued acquisitions and synergies between the companies, the Group is expected to grow significantly during the next couple of years. The companies within the SELATEK Group will operate under their locally anchored and unique brands, with the previous owners and key employees remaining in their respective operational roles. The strategy is to drive Group initiatives and, with a focus on sustainability and technology, offer the market specialist competence within the technology areas security solutions, electrical installation and automation.

"SELATEK's strategy is built on that locally strong companies with a unique brand will continue to develop with support from the Group and its subsidiaries. By taking pole position in the rapidly evolving technological development within our focus areas we will offer our customers unique expertise and high-quality deliveries. Energy efficiency solutions, power transmission and charging infrastructure are areas where SELATEK already today makes a difference." says Magnus Löfgren, CEO of SELATEK.

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Magnus Löfgren                                                                   Marcus Planting-Bergloo
CEO/koncernchef, SELATEK                                            VD, Segulah VI Advisor AB
+46 702 09 66 14                                                                +46 702 29 11 85
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Segulah, vars mission är "We invest in the backbone of modern society", är ett private equity-bolag inriktat på utköpsaffärer av medelstora bolag i Norden. För att säkerställa långsiktig strukturell tillväxt investerar vi, med hållbarhet i fokus, utifrån tre större teman: "Industriell Automation & Modernisering av Industrin", "Digital Affärseffektivitet" samt "Smart Urbanisering och Förnyelse av Infrastruktur". Vår affärsmodell bygger på aktivt ägande där vi adderar kapital, industriell kompetens och strategiskt fokus. Segulah Advisor är exklusiv investeringsrådgivare till fonderna Segulah IV, Segulah V och Segulah VI.

Om Amplio

Established in 2024 by the former Segulah team, Amplio is a Swedish private equity firm specialising in the Nordic lower mid-market with a strong track record and long experience of developing companies in close cooperation with skilled entrepreneurs, business leaders and industrial experts. Amplio has a distinct sector focus on Business Services and IT & Technology Services, combined with strong buy-and-build focus. To ensure long term structural growth we invest, with sustainability in focus, into markets fuelled by three major themes: 'Sustainable Solutions', 'Digital Business Efficiency' and 'Smart Urbanisation'.

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