Segulah divests shareholding in Zengun

Segulah Fund V has today signed an agreement to divest Segulah's shareholding in Zengun to the founders and other minority owners. The construction contractor Zengun's founders thus again become majority owners of the company.

Segulah entered as majority owner and strategic partner to Zengun in March 2016 and has, together with the founders, developed the company into one of Stockholm's premium construction contractors in the commercial property segment. During this period the company has more than doubled its sales from SEK 1 billion to over SEK 2 billion, with a profitability that is among the best in the industry.

"We have delivered fantastic growth with Segulah as partner. We are today stronger than ever and well positioned for continued growth in the expansive and dynamic Stockholm region", comments Ulf Jonsson, founder and senior project manager.

"The founders and the company's management have done an outstanding job developing and growing Zengun over the past three years - it has been a successful investment for Segulah Fund V", says Oskar Oxenstierna, Director, Segulah Advisor AB.

The acquisition has been financed through a bond issue of SEK 450 million in the Nordic bond market.

Stockholm, May 27, 2019

For further information, please visit or contact:

Oskar Oxenstierna, Director, Segulah Advisor AB, +46 73 909 09 47, [email protected]

Ulf Jonsson, founder and senior project manager, Zengun, +46 70 369 01 01, [email protected] 

Founded in 1994, Segulah is a private equity partnership focused on mid-market buyouts in the Nordic region, with a business model of active ownership through its extensive network of industrial advisors. Segulah Advisor AB is the exclusive investment advisor to the funds Segulah III, Segulah IV and Segulah V.

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Established in 2024 by the former Segulah team, Amplio is a Swedish private equity firm specialising in the Nordic lower mid-market with a strong track record and long experience of developing companies in close cooperation with skilled entrepreneurs, business leaders and industrial experts. Amplio has a distinct sector focus on Business Services and IT & Technology Services, combined with strong buy-and-build focus. To ensure long term structural growth we invest, with sustainability in focus, into markets fuelled by three major themes: 'Sustainable Solutions', 'Digital Business Efficiency' and 'Smart Urbanisation'.

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